Solar dos Poetas

The Solar dos Poetas, is in the same building as Casinha das Flores Guesthouse, on the 1st floor, and is located in the historic center of Lisbon.

All rooms have free Wi-Fi, wardrobe and access to shared bathrooms. The common areas include a lounge with comfortable sofa.

The breakfast is taken at Palácio das Especiarias, an old palace with more than 400 years, strictly decorated, where it accompanies the sounds of the piano.

At the disposal of our guests, a garden equipped with swimming pool, terraced bar and poolside beds where they can enjoy the sunny days that Lisbon offers.

We have a skilled team whose sympathy is the brand image, to advise and guide you to get the most out of your experience in the city. At your disposal, we have maps of Lisbon, the cultural agenda of the city, as well as suggestions that you will certainly not want to miss.

It is the ideal place for your stay and allows you to experience what Lisbon has the best to offer.

Somos uma empresa que opera em Lisboa e se dedicada a dois nichos de mercado muito específicos, como sendo o alojamento local e as residências de estudantes.

Alojamento Local:

Os nossos estabelecimentos localizam-se em pleno coração do centro histórico da cidade de Lisboa. A Casinha das Flores no Chiado, e a Casinha dos Sapateiros na Baixa.

Residências de Estudantes:

Os nossos estabelecimentos localizam-se na zona das Avenidas Novas, muito próximo das principais universidades e centros empresariais da cidade.